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By Jim Best

Jim launches his first blog for the EKA Beacon by inviting audience participation, and outlining to the readers what they can expect going forward.   

Blogging has become so commonplace that its value as a medium can easily be questioned.  And, in fairness, some of the blogs we’ve seen don’t deserve a lot of regard, or attention, for that matter.  Just as the internet is receiving a lot of scrutiny about its role as a source of accurate information, there are a lot of blogs that are just opinions, rants, a gush of emotions, or a rush of ill-considered – and often misspelled – words.

Given that, I can’t think of many things less anticipated than the initial piece of a rookie blogger.  And yet, that’s just what this is. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve written before…plenty. But, technically not a blog, per se, so that makes me a rookie blogger.  

Let me set out early what you can expect from these blogs, and what you can expect from the EKA Beacon.  

  1. We want your active participation.  Your opinions are welcome, your perspective is important to us.  Granted, we won’t always agree, but we want to know what you are thinking.  So, we encourage you to find a way to comfortably contribute to the dialog. 
  2. Our goal is to have blogs written by EKA staff, and have blogs that are provided by “external” sources.   In this way, we hope to have a robust forum for ideas, viewpoints, news, complaints and concerns.  At EKA, we work hard to see “the best idea win”.  We hope the blogs in the EKA Beacon will serve as the e-format of that commitment. 
  3. We want the work we do in our field, and the service we provide on a daily basis to be sensational, but we will not look for “sensationalism” in the EKA Beacon.  We will have opinions with which you may not agree, or views on issues that may seem controversial, but we will not attempt to provoke or incite for the sake of attention.  

If you would like to contribute to The Blogs of EKA Beacon, please contact me at  We promise to make it as easy and pleasant for you as possible.  

Further, I will always make it as easy as possible for you to contact me.  

My phone numbers are:

Office:   833-352-8364, x 711

Mobile:  612-839-2174  

Jim Best (aka The Rookie Blogger) spent his entire “first” career in transportation and logistics with C. H. Robinson Worldwide.  He is now Chief Growth Officer with EKA Solutions, Inc.

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