Transflo Engage Lets Fleets Measure Driver Satisfaction

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October 7, 2019 • Transflo

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Transflo has introduced Transflo Engage, giving fleets the ability to measure driver satisfaction from within the Transflo Mobile+ app using the People Element employee engagement platform.

People Element’s platform allows fleet managers and HR professionals to create, automate and delivery custom surveys to drivers through their mobile devices. It can be used to measure driver engagement, commitment to the organization and intent to stay, while helping employers take a proactive approach to turnover.

“When you combine our world-class survey platform and data coaches with the ability to reach drivers directly and easily through the Transflo Mobile+ app, you maximize your opportunity to increase driver engagement and retention like never before,” said Chris Coberly, president and CEO of People Element.

Traditional survey methods such as email or phone calls can be more easily ignored. Transflo Engage leverages the People Element platform and Transflo Mobile+ to provide a simple and convenient survey experience since the driver is responding to questions within the mobile app he or she uses as part of an everyday workflow.

With custom surveys and instant feedback, managers and HR professionals can make fast, strategic, data-driven decisions about how to manage driver satisfaction while maintaining a high level of engagement.

“Imagine if you could reach out to any one of your drivers at any time and ask how happy they are, or for their opinion about company policies or procedures,” said Doug Schrier, vice president of product and innovation at Transflo. “Now you can, with Transflo Engage on the Transflo Mobile+ platform. Drivers will feel more engaged and respected, which leads to improved morale, lower turnover, and a better bottom line.”

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