FreightWaves SONAR data integrated into EKA pricing tools on transaction fee basis

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New Omni-TMS™ cloud-based platform integrates fluidly with world’s leading freight pricing data platform

 EKA Solutions Inc. is now offering FreightWaves SONAR freight lane and market trends pricing data. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

EKA Solutions Inc, an industry-leading provider of cloud-based integrated freight management ecosystem for carriers, brokers and shippers, announced that it is now offering FreightWaves SONAR freight lane and market trends pricing data. That data is melded with innovative decision support tools to EKA carrier, broker and shipper transportation management system (TMS) subscribers in a transformative manner – on-demand and on a transaction fee basis. 

Designed to add to the tech stack of carriers, brokers and shippers for the future of business, EKA Omni-TMS™ is a native cloud-based SaaS TMS that is the company’s signature solution product and has earned EKA the prestigious FreightTech 100 award. 

FreightWaves’ Travis Rhyan explains features of SONAR SCI.
(Photo: FreightWaves staff)

Travis Rhyan, Chief Product Officer at FreightWaves, said, “FreightWaves is proud to be working with EKA to provide SONAR data to EKA’s Omni-TMS™ subscribers. Those subscribers will have near-real-time data to improve their decision-making abilities.”

JJ Singh, CEO of EKA Solutions

“EKA’s fluid real-time integration with FreightWaves SONAR platform provides EKA carrier, broker and shipper TMS subscribers with freight lane pricing and market trends data in an on-demand, affordable and “pay only for what you use” transaction fee basis. Affordable pricing data coupled with intuitive decision-making tools help EKA customers make smart pricing decisions just like their larger competitors,” said JJ Singh, Founder and CEO of EKA Solutions, Inc.

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