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January 2022

Did You Know?

EKA has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, RMX Software, LLC, to empower freight carrier, broker, and shipper SMBs, as well as insurance brokers, wholesalers, and carriers to tech up in the midst of the global supply chain crisis. “RMX platform will provide real time connectivity to truck telematics and video data, and seamless integration with driver, truck, and route risk related databases. More importantly, it will optimally blend risk, operational and financial data, and operational workflow processes to deliver new and timely risk data streams, analytics, and tools to various risk coverage and management stakeholders to transparently measure, manage and underwrite risk,” said Mark Walker, President and CDO for EKA Solutions, Inc., and RMX Software, LLC. Check out the full story right here and stay tuned to for all the breaking news.

EKA Insights

“I think that’s something that is cross generational – valuing people for their input and for being good people. And we keep doing that so we have a diverse driving population and we have a diverse workforce.  You need to show people, no matter their generation, that they are valuable to you and you’re willing to listen to them.”


We spoke to Ryan Farrell, President of Wilson Logistics, about what makes a great leader and how the trucking industry needs to change in 2022.


You can check out the full interview, both in written and video form, right here.


Stay tuned for more EKA Insights interviews!


Q: “I feel like the holiday break somehow left me more burned out. Am I the only one?” – S. Murphy (Memphis, TN)


JJ Singh, Founder & CEO: Unfortunately, you’re definitely not alone in this feeling and it’s something I’m hearing from a lot of people.


I’m not a doctor and so I always advise anyone feeling burnt out to seek the help they need, whether from friends, family or professionals. It’s never a bad idea to ask for help.


We’re really used to the holiday break providing a change from our everyday – vacation, more time at home, a chance to be somewhere other than the office, etc. But this year – like last – we find many of us taking a vacation in homes that have become our offices too. There’s less distinction between our “work life” and “personal life”, so we’ve lost the week or two where it felt like we got away from the regular grind.


That means we started the new year feeling like we’d “done nothing” – even if celebration and relaxation were involved in that break – because the scenery didn’t change. Then we hear about things like Omicron, the political landscape is more charged than ever and we’re expected to be rested for a new year on what can feel like the hamster wheel of life.


The advice I give to my sons is the same advice I’d give to you – make sure you make time for yourself because you’re never going to “find” it. For my children that’s often a big workout session in the morning and for me it might be watching a movie with my wife. But you need to find that reward for yourself each day so that you have some break from the sameness of the last few years.

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