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“While EKA’s new investments are focused on implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technological solutions to transform the supply chain, EKA is also focused on delivering six-figure savings to its customers by digitizing document workflows across the transportation chain” said JJ Singh, founder, investor and CEO of EKA Solutions, Inc

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EKA Solutions has expanded its collaboration with Transflo to implement digital and automated transportation document workflow between shippers and carriers.

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Q: “What do you think is the most important lesson we can take from all the unpredictability in the current world, both personally and professionally?” – T. Horton, MA

JJ Singh, Founder & CEO: Some of the best memories I have in life have come from sharing sports with my family, from regular season games to seeing the Blue Jays win the World Series in 1993 from seats just a few rows back from home plate. I find it hard to keep up with sports as much as I did – as you know, being a small business owner means that you don’t have traditional work hours, work days or work weeks. However, I really do enjoy catching a football game on the weekends, as I just need to tune in for three hours a week to see how my beloved Cowboys are doing (usually blowing a fourth quarter lead).

In a word – compassion.We are all dealing with incredible pressures in all areas of our lives. It’s impossible to separate the impact on our professional lives from the increased stress in our personal lives – and vice-versa.

Any time we feel those same pressures of the world affecting our behavior – whether a single incident and the accumulation of multiple smaller situations – then we need to take a step back. Every e-mail doesn’t require an immediate response. Every conversation doesn’t require you to make an immediate conclusion. Every social media post doesn’t require you to engage.

Right now the pressures of this world seem to require us to respond immediately and doing so often means we lead with emotional, blunt responses that don’t take into consideration the feelings of folks on the other end.

Make sure you’re engaging with people in good faith. Take a beat to think about what their words really mean, what might be impacting how they see the situation and how much of your response is driven by immediacy versus consideration for your and their larger goals.

In a time where nothing seems normal and we’re all feeling a bit like it’s Groundhog Day as we run through the same routines, it’ll be nice to have the joyous unpredictability of sports back in our lives – even if the one thing we can count on is Tom Brady probably taking the Bucs straight to the Super Bowl.

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