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Did you hear about our new partnership with Redkik?

“There is no greater industry need than reducing risk at every level of the supply chain for customers – so EKA and Redkik are kicking off this new year by taking action,” says JJ Singh, Founder and CEO for EKA Solutions, Inc. “This strategic collaboration will enable transformation of risk management and consumption of risk coverage products by supply chain customers, and risk underwriting by insurance carriers based on customer usage and risk levels in an affordable, convenient, and variable cost basis.”

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We aren’t stopping there, as EKA announced a new customer promotion bundling up to 12 months free of its TMS in partnership with Denim, the freight payment system for Smart Brokers and Carriers

“To empower small customers to compete with their larger competitors, EKA is excited to offer its “best-in-class” carrier, broker, and shipper TMS free for 12 months to new customers of both EKA TMS and Denim.” says JJ Singh, Founder and CEO for EKA Solutions, Inc. “By working strategically with Denim, EKA will not only help new customers affordably digitize their operations to realize lowest costs and highest revenue but, also, transform the way working capital services are delivered and consumed.”

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Q: “I’m working too many hours and I can feel myself burning out. What should I do?” – D. Cain (Buffalo, NY)

JJ Singh, Founder & CEO: The start of the year is incredibly tough for everyone – not only are we re-engaging after the holidays, but we have all the pressures of a whole year of financial goals ahead of us.

So, start by giving yourself the same grace you would give to others.

The most important step – like so many things in life – is to admit there is a problem and to speak with your supervisor about it.

Before you have that conversation, make sure to put your thoughts down on paper in a list that summarizes the below:

    • Problems
    • Impact
    • Proposed Solutions

I would highly recommend limiting yourself to three items for each of these lists, not because I have any scientific data to back this up but because I know that three items won’t be too much for your supervisor to process. From traffic lights to strikes in baseball to medals in the Olympics, our brains just like it when we organize ideas in groups of threes.

This will help you organize your thoughts for your discussion so that you’re focused on solving the problems and steering the conversation in that direction.

It’s also something you should cut and paste into an email for your supervisor after this chat so that they have something to refer back to that matches your conversation. They’re going to also be a bit overwhelmed trying to solve this for you shortly and while they’ll have their own knows from your discussion, this kind of email gives them something they can share with their boss or HR to make sure the solution they provide is in line with company policy.

And, lastly, good luck!

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