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December 2020

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EKA Insights

This month we launched our first EKA Insights interview, with Wilson Logistics Founder & CEO Darrel Wilson, full of great advice from one of the leaders in the trucking logistics industry.

“I think my journey is really similar to a lot of other people’s journeys, especially at my age during that time. The thing I’m most proud of and that I think people can take the most from is the idea that you just don’t quit.”

“There’s an opportunity out there for each of us and if you work hard, you can get it.”

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Did You Know?

EKA now offers Global Shipper’s Interest Coverage in collaboration with Marsh, the largest insurance broker in the United States. EKA’s Shippers Interest is an “all risks” cargo insurance offering – the broadest form of coverage available – covering the full exposure and value of your cargo.

Also, EKA in collaboration with TransFlo, the industry’s leading company delivering All-in-1 software – mobile, telematics, data, scanning, document management, EKA now offers TransFlo Mobile+and Velocity+ services to its customers using the EKA carrier TMS and Broker TMS respectively.

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Customer Q&A

No Spin. No Nonsense.
Just honest answers to your questions.
Q: “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” – B. Buchanan, UT

JJ Singh, Founder & CEO: I don’t have a simple answer. Let me explain why.
There’s a quote from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that I think is a really great way for us to plan for the coming year, especially in such a difficult and unpredictable time. “What’s the key to success? The key is, there is no key. Be humble, hungry, and the hardest worker in any room.”


One thing I’ve always done – and imparted to my sons – is to make a list of the things I can control and the things I can’t control.Both are critical – it’s good for us to quantify what we can’t control so that we make peace with that reality and then shift our energies to the things we can control.

In that sense, my resolutions for the new year are the same as always – as The Rock says, to be “the hardest worker in the room.” That doesn’t mean one is better than anyone else – it simply means you won’t be outworked by anyone else.

I want the same things we all want – more time with our families, more time to ourselves and to sit with a cold beer while we watch the sunset next to the person we love most in the world. My sons keep telling me I need to do that with a Shiner Bock, but I’m just fine with a Coors or a Pabst.

I really recommend that folks take that same approach – well, the beer is optional – and really consider what they can change before they make resolutions. It’ll help you not only focus on the important things, but give you the piece of mind to focus on the most important resolution of all: to take care of yourself and make time every day to appreciate your success, no matter how big or small it may feel at that moment.

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