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May 2022

A Moment of Appreciation

The world feels more chaotic and uncertain than ever, so we wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown EKA over the years.


As we continue to grow and expand the EKA family, we truly value the opportunity we have to be part of so many different companies and communities across this great nation.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you can’t ever say “thank you” enough to the people who support you, personally or professionally.


Thank YOU. 

Have You Supported The 1U Project

Last month we spoke to Wendy Farrell about the 1U Project and how they’re helping those impacted most by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

While you can read the full interview right here, we want to remind you that you can donate to 1UProject today and help save lives.


Q: “We’re almost through half the year and I don’t feel like i’ve accomplished any of my goals. How is this year not a failure?” – P. Morgan (New Orleans, LA)


JJ Singh, Founder & CEO: I can tell you that you’re not alone in feeling both like you haven’t accomplished your goals and that the year has somehow flown by.


But my first piece of advice is simple – Focus on what will get done.


It’s important we self-reflect and own the moments where we don’t meet our expectations. It’s equally important that we don’t treat past “failures” as somehow predictive of our futures. When we live our lives correctly, those “failures” help form the foundation of our greatest successes.


Think about it this way – if you had accomplished all your goals for the first half of this year, would you definitely be a success for the year? No, because you still would have another six months to crash and burn. So by that same token, you still have six months to determine your success for the year.


This weekend, carve out one hour to write down your list of remaining goals for the year and circle the top three. These are the ones that you must accomplish. Each weekend in June, choose one goal to further plan around for the year. Determine what you need, the timeline and set those real goals on your calendar. 


By the end of June, you will have the next six months planned out.


By the end of December, you will have crushed those goals.


Reorienting yourself this way means you’re focused on moving forward and on achieving something instead of being focused on what hasn’t happened. While self-reflection is a profoundly important thing, it’s easy to get stuck in neutral while you’re deciding where to go instead of actually just…going somewhere.


The first five months of this year were a first draft of your 2022. 


First drafts always need work.


So now let’s focus on rewriting our destinies for the next seven months.

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